Scott Ellison, Film Producer

By age 22, I had served as director of photography of a theatrically-released feature, studied cinematography and directing at USC, and worked hundreds of hours in technical editorial roles for directors like Michael Mann. Despite the early promise of an industry career, I understood that finding and honing good ideas is the most important aspect of making great films. So, I spent the latter part of my 20s pursuing some other form of meaningful work and became a firefighter in one of the nation's biggest 9-1-1 systems. I spent many sleepless nights responding to tragic and largely hidden aspects of modern life, but I also had the privilege of being invited into the homes and lives of people who were very different from me. Those experiences have enabled me to find my own voice. Today, I'm in development on a slate of socially relevant feature films that inspire people to engage with the cultural and economic forces in their lives.