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RevZilla Motorsports

RevZilla sells motorcycle gear (e.g. jackets, helmets, tires) on the web, and they’re really good at it. As you might expect with a company whose business is primarily web-based, their Facebook Page is a significant aspect of their overall marketing effort (i.e. currently 136,000 people follow RevZilla on Facebook). That's why I was delighted to see that they used my photograph as their Facebook cover photo for over three months. This photo was produced in collaboration with Sanjay Patel.


Metric Motorcycles

For most people, a trip to the mechanic is a dreadful chore. Not if your mechanic is Andy Marcer. I find every excuse possible to loiter around his shop, which is often filled with exotic motorbikes (e.g. Desmosedici RR, PaulSmart1000LE, F4CC). One such excuse was the relaunch of his website, in which I was responsible for the copywriting, photography, and overall implementation. Check out Andy’s new website.



They provide audio, video, and lighting equipment for concerts and live events. AVPG are also responsible for setting up and operating all that gear, which is no small matter given the scale of events they serve. I developed their new website—complete with copy, photography, and a touch of video. Check it out.

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